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Call Santa on the Santa Phone - on the porch!
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First Date On: 11/25/2023 Last Date On: 12/29/2023

The display is interactive and is designed for people to walk around ON the property – in the driveway and onto the porch - to see all the attractions. So, park your car, get out and walk around to see everything. The display is so large, a number of features have encroached onto the two neighbors’ yards!

5pm to 10pm daily thru the end of the year. It gets VERY CROWDED in December, particularly on weekends. Plan accordingly!

According to San Francisco CBS Television and Radio: "Don't skip this fabulous façade on Knottingham Circle, featuring a mix of old school décor and modern green lighting. Santas and more are mixed in with the latest in LED lighting and technology. This display, a favorite stop of Santa, will wow kids and adults alike. Seems like the folks on Knottingham Circle don't want global warming to melt Santa's workshop."

Many items are unique, one-of-a-kind that you won't see at any other display - anywhere in the world!

Once again, we have a snow machine operating every night, all season long. Bring a few quarters to activate the snow machine. One quarter (25¢) provides approx. 30 seconds of snow. The snow machine is a HUGE hit every year with young and old alike. Watch this video for the SNOW!

Try out all the interactive buttons that are placed throughout the yard. Call Santa on the Santa Phone. on the front porch.

Synchronized light show and music on 107.9 FM.


2021 update - In addition to the dozens and dozens of new blow molds, and other homemade display pieces, there are at least FIVE new pushbutton / interactive things for kids (and adults) to do and three of them are on the porch area. Look for the Naughty and Nice sign to try, along with the FM radio and voice changer, plus the lever that will turn on and off a small Christmas tree. On the penguin island side of the driveway there is a new seesaw, controlled by a white button, and closer to the gate to the backyard is a newly painted dog igloo with a TRY ME button on it for the campfire to work! All the favorites are back - snow (25¢), the Santa Phone and the virtual Santa in the upstairs window, along with all the previously displayed interactive pushbuttons.

2022 update - SO MANY new things in the display. Here are a few of the more highly visible ones: Modifed to LED and new chase controlled Santa Land Here sign and a North Pole sign, three new blue igloos with penguin nightlights in each / Xmas trees in two of them at Penguin Island, metal frame Christmas tree and present box props using DreamSpark™ - Multicolor lights, all new low voltage rope lights - carriage, horse, 3 reindeer and sleigh, the penguins on the antique NOEL sign are all new - fabricated from scratch with Plexiglass and holographic material and the BIGGEST and most extensive project so far for 2022 are the 4 house facades, with interactive, button controlled moving props along the walkway to the porch. The final project of the year was the fabrication of a train engine with a holographic background and new lights. What a year (February 2022 thru October 2022) its been rebuilding, building, modifying, fixing of dozens of the props and lights throughout!

THINGS TO DO (kids and adults):

Play in the snow (bring a few quarters)
Make the train smoke and whistle (tentative for 2022)
Help the penguins with their campfire
Watch the bears on the teeter totter
What is Rudolph "saying" with his blinking nose?
Start the laser light show in the trees
Make the 6 foot tall JOY sign dance to the music
Call Santa on the Santa Phone (porch)
Find out if you are Naughty or Nice (porch)
Listen to the North Pole weather and news (porch)
Change your voice on the North Pole voice recorder (porch)
Control the animated Christmas Tree (porch)
Take a family photo with the 6 foot tall chainsaw cut Santa (Porch)
See antique and one-of-a-kind features all over the yard
Push the buttons on the house facades on the walkway to see interactive props work

LAST DAY for Virtual Santa is December 24th.

This MUST SEE house is a featured stop / attraction on the Concannon Vineyard / Livermore Wine Trolley Lights of Livermore Holiday Tour

Review from a SoCal displayer: This is one of the most interactive displays I have come across. Kids (and adults!) love to push buttons, and there is no shortage of them here. Each one activates a different element of the display. Several vintage decorations, each with their own unique history, and lots of props that you will not see anywhere else. Alex is also the creator and curator of, which has been directing Californians to the finest Christmas displays across the Golden State for over 20 years.

From a neighbor: I've enjoyed seeing all of the passers by enjoying the Christmas displays on our block. Alex's house draws quite a crowd and I have a front porch view so I'm blessed with waves of joy coming from the spectators. It brings me happiness to hear the children laughing and the awe and amazement all have for the wonderful display.

Known around the world on Google as: Dourov Livermore Christmas Light Display and Snow Machine.